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How to run an effective exhibition stand

How to run an effective exhibition stand

Once you have decided on attending a particular exhibition and agreed a budget and a design you want to make sure that you get a good return on the money invested in that project. This requires a lot of planning for the event with a focus on a number of key areas.

Spend time planning the running of your exhibition stand

There are many areas to consider in the running of an exhibition stand. This is not an exhaustive list before it highlights some of the areas you might cover in your plan. In particular, the growing use of technology is evident in the areas to consider below.

Is there adequate storage for materials like brochures, business cards and leaflets which may be requires?Are there enough power points for all the lighting and equipment (including displays) needed?What tech support is needed before and during the event?What systems exists for capturing leads during the exhibition?What system exists for booking visitors into a schedule if you are proving scheduled meetings at the exhibition?If making sales during the exhibition, what systems are required?Are printers required?Is there good internet access for use with computer systems if you are doing live demos?Are QR codes or similar needed which allow visitors to download information instead of using printed materials?How will the stand be maintained in the days of the exhibition?What security arrangements are needed?What catering is available for visitors and the team?Is extra insurance needed for the exhibition?

Decide the marketing message you want to convey on your exhibition stand

The marketing message you want to convey at an exhibition must be clear. It will be communicated on the stand and in the promotional material used on the exhibition stand. The nature of the message depends on the objectives set for the exhibition.

For example, if the exhibition objective is to improve brand awareness, then the marketing messages need to clearly communicate what your brand is and what it stands for.

Select a good team to run your exhibition stand

At an exhibition the visitors experience can be influenced by the stand design, the graphics, and the messaging but people will ultimately be influenced by the team on your exhibition stand.

Having a good team of people who understand what you are trying to achieve will give you the best chance of success.

Provide incentives for visitors to visit your exhibition stand

Visitors to your exhibition will be see many exhibition stands and some will need an incentive to visit your stand.

Incentives like free competitions or similar which offer an incentive to visit can work in some situations. In other settings having interactive computer screens or giving demonstrations can work just as well.

Exhibition stands that are effective come from good planning and execution. At Coker Expo we have experience in all aspects of exhibition planning and implementation so plesae get in touch if you need help.

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