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How do I attract visitors to my exhibition stand

How do I attract visitors to my exhibition stand

Getting visitors to your exhibition stand needs good planning

Having good knowledge of your target visitor profile is a great place to start, but also creating and following a plan will introduce a discipline that will help you create a stand design that will appeal to the visitors you want to connect with.

How do I design an exhibition stand that achieves my targets?

Well, think about what you want to achieve before you even start thinking about the design.Deciding on who you are going to target and what you want to get out of the show will help you decide on your ideal layout, design and the look and feel of your stand.

Why is your main purpose in exhibiting?

What is the main purpose or theme of your message for your visitors?For example, if you are launching a new product and want to make your existing customer base knows about it, then your stand design, messaging and layout should reflect this and maybe should be focused on wording and theme that assumes a certain level of knowledge but delivers a strong ‘we have something new’ message.On the other hand, if your main focus is to create or increase awareness of your business, to attract new customers, then your messaging may need to reflect this and consequently your design should enable you to explicitly highlight and promote your features, benefits, unique selling points (USP’s) and should deliver it with a supportive offer such as:

“Visit us and get a great discount”You probably also want to make sure you have a designated area for visitor engagement, discussions, enquiry taking or sales and have a clear idea or plan for converting visitors to sales.Once you know your objectives, you will find it easier to set clear and realistic goals that help you and your team work toward delivering on your exhibition objectives.

Picking the right exhibition partner is crucial.

Once you are happy you have a workable exhibition plan (complete with objectives and KPI’s) the next step is to engage with a good stand design and supply partner that has the experience and expertise to understand your needs.

Here at Coker Expo we have been helping people with exhibitions for over 20 years.

Have a look at our site and feel free to connect with our team to discuss what it is you want to do, what exhibition you are considering having a stand at and what your targeting objectives ideally are.

Whoever you choose to be your partner, make sure they can show you a track record of success in supporting exhibitors with different needs across different sectors.

Give us a call. It costs nothing to chat to us but may help you make decisions on what you do next.

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