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3x3 Pop Up Display Stand

3x3 Pop Up Display Stand

The 3 x 3 curved popup display system is still by far the most popular of all the pop up frames sizes and types, straight and freestyle. The 3 x 3 pop up kit which includes all the graphics, the frame, magbars, wheeled transit case and a pair of 120w halogen lights is still king of the mid sized promotional display. Prices of these display systems have reduced to an all time low, 10 years ago you would have paid around £2000 this unit today it could be as low as £620 plus vat. As they say in all business's about products and services you get what you pay for, it is no different in our own. You can find cheaper systems out there but at what cost your own companies image and the ease with which a display can be set up. We use a frame that we know will stand up to a high level of usage, be very stable, totally reliable and not cause our clients trouble which reflects upon our selves. The dimensions for a 3 x 3 curved popup have no bearing on the floor area, a 3 x3 is not 3m wide, its actual footprint width is 2540mm with the graphics in place. The depth of the curve on a 3 x 3 is 650mm and our systems stand at 2230mm high although graphics are 2225mm high. I would like to say all our systems are made in the UK but to stay in business you must be highly competitive and this means sourcing from China, the trick is quality control. Naturally there is a larger range of sizes and styles for pop up display systems you can find more info here, pop up display styles. We now offer a choice of frame types, fully magnetic or with click fit magbars, also a choice in the weight or thickness of graphics that you wish, working to your budget. We work to 4 days supply time as standard and also post out a test print of your file prior to printing so as you can check over the output. We use an overnight carrier to deliver your finished popup display to you, the delivery is insured and the carrier requires a signature on delivery. We do offer a rush service, pop up display systems can be produced within 2 days if you require but we will charge additionally for this service.
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