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5w Led par can light.

5w Led par can light.

Led light bulbs are the best way to save money on power expenditure at any exhibition hall or trade show event.

The technology used in Led bulbs has come on in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years.

Yes the bulbs are a fair cost compared to traditional ones, but the wattage is way reduced and the life expectancy considerably more.

These two factors make a saving when you consider the number of events you attend and the costs of power at each of them.

I would suggest that some stands can now be illuminated with a quarter of the power draw using led bulbs, now that's worth some investigation.

The small par can fixture above is normally supplied with a 50w halogen, now we can supply a version with a 5w led and it's bright.

One other factor should be noted, Led means no heat output, how often have you spent a day in mid summer under hundreds of watts of halogen lights, wow you can really feel it, not the case with new Led bulbs, no heat out put.

This gives an added safety aspect too for close up lighting applications, say for lighting of shelving at exhibitions and trade shows, or detailing a product up close to high light it.

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