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Aluminium modular display.

Aluminium modular display.

The aluminium modular display is a very easy and suitable way to create a back wall or exhibition booth at a trade show or promotional event.

With a relatively small number of aluminium components a sizable frame work can be assembled on site in a short time.

A drawing supplied will show you the undressed fame work and component sizes listed.

You will need one tool, which is supplied, an allen key socket which will lock the cams of each section, one to another.

You will notice that on the frame work there has been a special steel tape applied, this is to receive the graphic panels.

The high resolution graphics are printed on a thick stop light media, laminated for durability and magnetic tape applied to the rear.

Once the graphics are on the main framework the table and locking storage cupboard can be fitted into there locations.

If you have display lights these can now be fitted to the top of the structure, all finished, stand back and admire your promotional display.

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