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Back lit fabric light boxes

Back lit fabric light boxes

Big display light boxes have moved on from being large deep boxes with lots of florescent tubes and sheets of acrylic sandwiching transparencies.

Now you can have a relatively slim aluminum display frame with options to either have a backing sheet with Led light strips or to

set the Led units around the edge.

Smaller back lite frames will only require Leds fitted to the sides but big light box frames, as in the image will have them all around.

The frames will increase in depth depending on the size of the frame you need and its application.

Free standing back lite display frames use our deeper extrusions and are supplied with feet to ensure stability.

The fabric graphics have a silicone bead sewn to all edges, this finger push fits into the display frame works profile once it has been assembled.

Display frames fitted to walls and edge lit do not need a reflective backing sheet, the wall will suffice, freestanding displays are recommended to have a fabric backing sheet to increase the illumination of the display graphic and stop light flood and loss of image brightness.

We can even make double sided back lit display frames.

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