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Desk top pop up display

Desk top pop up display

The desk top or table top pop up display is the perfect solution for a quick and easy presentation or small promotional display requirement. Being a table top pop up it is of course a minaturized version of it's bigger brothers. The fact that this display is light weight and simple to set up on site is an added bonus for those tasked with it use. The compact nature of our table top displays means that you will achieve a very portable sales tool that really looks the piece. Under the display graphics in this instance is a single quad of the well know curved pop up frame work, it could equally be a produced as a straight unit. Every thing about it's assembly and use follows the rules of the traditional pop up display, this really is a mini pop up display system. We are able to supply these displays in a small wheeled case that will hold the frame, graphics, magbars and lights too if you require them. Production times are usually 3 days in house on receipt of prepared art work. If you are looking to upgrade your smaller portable presentation displays a desk top pop up display is well worth considering, why not raise the bar or for that matter stand your presentation stand on it...........
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