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Exhibition backdrop graphic display

Exhibition backdrop graphic display

So you have a floor area booked at a trade show, it's open on 3 sides and are hoping to keep that floor area open and inviting, nothing to hinder the shows visitors coming onto your floor area. The date is fast approaching and you are looking for a simple back wall structure to separate yourselves from the company you will be backing onto. What to go for...... The decision is made to go for a backdrop graphic wall, some thing with impact that looks impressive too, accompanying the chosen products you will display within your stand area. This needs to be something that you can set up, build your self and not take an age to complete. The addition of graphics allows you to further promote your company, it products or services on offer. The ability too add lighting to the structure  means your exhibition stand will not be the gloomy one that looks uninviting and is poorly attended. Depending on you budget and the number of trade shows that you attend we are able to offer you options for either purchase or hire of lighting truss, ideal for building a backdrop wall, with the addition of a graphic banner in either Pvc or fabric and some appropriate lighting you can produce a magnificent stand, just as Growther's did, see the picture above and information below. Formed in 1860 and now under the leadership of the fourth generation of the Crowther family, JW Crowther & Son Ltd have been operating our Winter Maintenance Service for over 50 years, we are now one of the largest private winter maintenance operators in the country. We currently have over fifty winter maintenance depots covering the whole of the mainland UK and Northern Ireland.
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