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Exhibition Backwall Graphic

Exhibition Backwall Graphic

"I have a lighting truss system and wish to attach a back wall in full graphics to it" Cranlea a sports equipment company in Birmingham had just such a requirement. The back wall was produced in sections, high resolution laminated digital outputs were laminated for protection and mounted to 10mm Pvc boards. A 32mm diameter aluminium tube is cut to the appropriate length for your truss, a double clamp is used to lock the drop pole to the truss system once it is assembled and in position. Each graphic board will need a drop pole on either side so as the final run of panels is all in alignment and straight. You have two options to fix the boards back to the drop poles. Option one, for those on a smaller budget, hook and loop velcro can be attached to the boards and poles, this locks the two together and produces you finished back wall, the panels stand on the floor for support. Option two, single clamps can be fixed to the back of the panels, two per panel minimum, these will then lock onto the drop poles, this method allows the panels to be off the floor a little if so required. The image that your back wall gives at any exhibition or trade show is all important, will yours attract prospective clients onto the stand and gain you that sort after new business? Why not contact us and discuss the possibilities..........
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