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freestanding sneeze screen

freestanding sneeze screen

Cokerexpo are able to manufacture a range of standard size and custom cough guards and sneeze screens that are designed to free stand upon a counter top or desk.

Ideal for use in receptions, schools, hospitals, gyms, fitness suites, hair dressers, barbers, offices, banks, restaurants, cafes, clubs and areas of public access, which all need provision to safe guard staff and customers during these Covid-19 times.

Aluminium Tube 25mm square frame with thin Clear PETG screen (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol) has been designed to protect both your staff and customers from molecule transference.

The sneeze screen here has standard dimensions of 1000mm wide x 870mm high x 325mm deep with a pass through space to bottom is 950mm wide x 175mm high to allow items to be safely passed back and forth or a credit card machine payment to be made.

We are also able to make these units without the pass through so creating a substantial divide between shop staff and customers keeping everyone safe and keeping to government guidelines for social distancing in retail and office situations.

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