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Heavy duty display turntable.

Heavy duty display turntable.

For the heavier or larger revolving display applications it is imperative that you consider the torque that a larger display item can put onto a drive motor unit.

We can only state the maximum weight load that each turntable can carry, this is a balance concentric load.

Take note that high and top heavy displays can reduce a turntable weight loading ability to a quarter of its maximum stated.

Some of our larger display drives do have secondary extension arms available to aid in the support of a secondary turnplate being fitted.

With many applications it is a matter of trial and error, or should we say research and development, you may need to add a counter balance to even out the weight load.

You may find that your deck is warping as it is too thin, if you have fitted dollys to your deck to aid loading of the display they must not touch when in use,

our turntable drive motors are not drive motors and friction will stop the unit, thanks to a safety clutch.

Thank you to Global VTec for the image above, is shows a pair of CEU500 turntables, hidden deep inside there displays at last years Southampton boat show.

They used our drive motors to manufacture a bespoke revolving display for Honda's latest outboard marine motors.

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