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LED lighting - new additions to our range

LED lighting - new additions to our range

Coker Exhibition Systems is adding to its exhibition and trade show lighting ranges. LED lighting fixtures now come in much needed higher wattages, bright white light is possible, no need to put up with dim illumination any more. The light emitting diode is very efficient and has low power consumption, which is particularly great for exhibition halls and trade show venues where power supply costs are always at a premium price, or so it seems. We have sourced a range of LED lights that are suitable for internal usage and are looking into options for architectural LED lighting systems too, suited to illuminating the outsides of buildings. Led lights are great for lighting effect displays, adding mood or atmosphere and attracting peoples attention, ideal for promotions and publicity applications. They are very popular in the music business becoming the norm for any pop concert or festival, not to mention clubbing venues, no DJ would be caught dead without an LED lighting display as their backdrop or around there consoles. Led lights mean's that DMX and RGB are at your beck and call, a simple control deck will give you command of a multitude of lights all at once and a world of colour mixes and lighting sequences. Whether its flood lighting, spot lighting or wall and ceiling colour washes LED lighting systems make it very easy to achieve some wonderful effects, and giving you access to thousands of colours. Check out our theatrical style light fittings, light ropes, washers and cables, if you need a little help or advice please do call to discuss your requirements.
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