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Lighting Gantry

Lighting Gantry

  It is possible to create an exhibition stand which incorporates what is actually a very small amount of trussing and yet still achieve a trade show presence of high impact and considerable visual interest. This truss tower was created for Dean at Elan Sales Ltd manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment. It was decided that a simple truss structure would be erected as a center point on the floor area, this then would be adorned with LCD screens and a large revolving display. We then made a custom table top to be incorporated into the stand to give a handy working area to jot down those valuable enquiries and use a laptop. Branding came in the form of double sided banners, added with a clamp on extension tube and a graphic display cube mounted to a turntable unit.

Lighting can also be attached to the gantry with a small clamp to if your venue is dimly lit.

If you are considering promoting your company at a trade show, may be an exhibition stand along this design could suit your requirements. We can also offer lighting gantry on a hire service if this better suits your budgeting requirements.  
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