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Lighting Tripod

Lighting Tripod

Looking to light a floor area in a simple manner, one that won't break the bank. A lighting tripod could be just the thing, we all know that the world of photography makes great use of equipment such as this. On some occasions simplicity at an exhibition or trade show is the most important factor, when you do not wish to purchase or hire a lighting truss a good full back is the traditional lighting tripod. We have a range of tripods allowing various heights to be achieved thanks to there telescopic poles and a choice of lighting and cabling units that can be used with them. By far the most popular lights are the halogen par cans there style is very appealing and with the barn doors a directional ability is achieved, there is also a retaining ring to hold coloured gels should you wish to trow a colour cast across the area. If you have a very large floor area then you will need to use our CMH lights these are 150w each and can output more light than a 300w halogen, they also have the added benefit of no heat output and very low running costs at the halls where electricity is also a princely sum. There is also the opportunity to hang a banner from a lighting tripod or to wrap the leg area enabling an advertisement and promotional aspect too. You can also combine tripods with trussing where a greater number of lights are required to light an area, look at truss adapters to do this.
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