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Lighting Truss at 2014 Boat show.

Lighting Truss at 2014 Boat show.

If you have a lighting gantry or truss system you may well need to define your exhibition trade show floor area, unless you have an island stand.

The simplist way to create your walling and separate yourselves from your neighbouring stands is to use banners, possible in medias such as Pvc banner or Polyester fabric.

With out a wall or screen to form back and or side walls all of your abutting exhibition stands will be totally visible through or over yours, distracting from your actual display and all your efforts.

With all banners come choices, plain white or full colour digital graphics, hem and eyed or pockets for rods, these are the fixing methods.

The image above was taken at the 2014 boat show held at Excel, these banners were set inside of the truss apex's and eyeleted so as lashings to theme with boating could be used.

If you require a less visible tie to fix the banners in place, opt for rods, a small hole is pierced in the banner media and a clear cable tie tensions the banner in place, ideal.

Which ever method you choose to fix your banners once tensioned in position they will look the business.

One very important factor in all digital print work is resolution, if you dip below 150 dpi at output you graphics will pixilate and not look sharp and as good as they should.

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