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Farnborough Airshow - outdoor trade show

Farnborough Airshow - outdoor trade show

Farnborough Airshow is one of the best days out an air enthusiast could wish for, but of course its main reason for being is business. The sale and promotion of everything and any thing relating to the air craft business. We were able to help out the Bloodhound SSC Team whom are out and about raising there profile and looking for sponsors. This British lead team are looking to break the long standing land speed record, breaking the magic 1000mph, what an amazing feat that would be. They had taken one of the large glass houses put up at the air show to gain publicity the project making all aware of the challenges ahead. The first challenge was how to gain some sun shade so as the large TV screens could gain some shade and be viewed in the brightness of the day, yes it was to sunny for once in the UK. As the saying goes, it was late in the day that we had the call, "can you help out in some way, the event opens in two days and we have no way of shading our huge screens, the enclosed displays are just not doing the job". We never like to say no, that's not possible in the given time or the budget is just to tight. If you can get us the required access at a drop of a hat we can make it happen for you. So it was all hands to the pumps, get a simple truss structure designed, agreed, picked and packed, that could carry large Pvc panels to act as a sun screen. The following day we attended the airfield, found the glass house, installed the structure and made a hasty retreat so as allow the client the maximum time left to put the rest of their display together. If you have a need for a truss system at an outdoor event and are looking for a contractor to install and remove the system maybe we can help.
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