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Pop up display with carry case

Pop up display with carry case

  The popup display stand is still in high demand, the 3 x3 curved popup system being by far the most popular. The popup display really is an exhibition stand in box, ideal for presentations and promotions and easy to transport from A to B. Now a days you can own one for a little under £700 plus vat. We supply a high quality wheeled transit case with an internal lighting compartment, two of our 120w halogen light units will fit snugly inside and add the finishing touch to your display system. The case also comes with a neat beech laminated top which, if you wish to order a case warp allows the case to be converted into a handy podium for use on your exhibition stand floor area. The assembly method for a popup display is very easy, first take out the frame from the case look for the coloured nodes at one end, as you hold the frame towards you make sure the nodes are at the top. Now pull the frame out wards, it will expand to its full size, the center braces with now be clearly seen, lock these together. Now take the mag bars from there case and press them to the frame, the ends of the bars are shaped and fit into the recesses on the junctions. If you are using a straight popup system you should fit your stabilizing feet now. Take your roll of graphics from the transit case, carefully lay them out and pull out the center drop, they will be numbered on the back. On the back of each graphic drop is a header plate with pockets at either end, these hook over the nodes on the top of the frame work. When you feed the graphic down from the top you will see a center line on the mag bar, align the graphic to these. Always start with the center graphic this squares the frame work and allows the graphics to be level as you add the rest of the graphic drops, working left and right. Lastly take the lights from the lighting compartment in the transit case and fit them to the top of the frame work. All out popup systems are dispatched with instruction sheets but we are always on the phone to help and advise.    
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