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Pop up stand with shelf kit

Pop up stand with shelf kit

There is a whole lot more feasible with the popup display system that just a quick and easily set up back drop. I am sure every one has seen one these stands by now, there use alone as a back drop on TV news and sports interviews must number in the thousands. They are hard to beat as a compact and portable branded back drop, light weight and able to be re-graphiced time and time again means these display system can be given a new lease of life with relative ease. Standard frames sizes are 3 x 3 and 3 x 4, curved and straight, but we are also able to add to these making them longer, even building them 4 or more quads high. We are any to link these displays also, the use of a floating panel enables two systems to make one continuous display but still pack a way as two managable units. Fancy designs are also possible one of the most popular is actually very simple, create an S shape  using two curved pop up displays, graphic the front face of one and the rear of the other, use the D-end panel of one to connect over and you one huge back drop or presentation fully branded. Now if you are looking to lift your pop up display above all the rest why not consider a light up end panel, adding an LCD screen, bubble panel or as the above image shows a shelf unit. A pop up display fully brand with a shelf unit showing your companies product makes a powerful presentation and publicity device, ideal for the short or long term promotion. The pop up display will always be a popular marketing and sales tool, the simplicity of set up, its reliability, durability and  changable graphics mean there is still plenty of life left in this style of portable display for some years yet.  
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