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Race start line - finish line

Race start line - finish line

A race start and finish line is a must for all serious running events, you see them in many forms at all events, from the amature fun run to the professional big business sponsored event. As with every thing it all depends on the image that you which to present and the budget that you have at your disposal to achieve the eventing start line that you desire. With all external events that have a requirement for trussing in some form we would only advise that you use a 50mm diameter tube weight system, be it Trio or Quad. All our truss system are TUV certified, they have been through rigorous testing and are built to the highest quality standards. We would also advise a spigot and pin connection system, this method of assemble is by far the quickest and easiest. The amount of time you will save on erection and breakdown of your gantry system over the years will far out way the additional purchase cost of the structure. Nut and bolt / flange trussing is also not as strong as one that uses an inner conical to bear the load of the truss's own weight and all that is fixed to it. The fact is that the UK has some pretty poor weather conditions and if you are looking to hold your event in all weathers a light weight tube will not hold up to wind forces. The purpose of the truss structure is invariably to carry a banner of some kind emblazonded with the words START or FINISH. Here you have two media types to choose from Pvc (  standard or mesh for airflow ) or Polyester fabrics. Pvc banner with give you brighter colours than fabrics but need to be kept on a roll when not in use or risk creases. The most popular method of fixing a banner of any kind to a gantry system is still to hem and eye the media used to print on, then tie it to the structure using either decorative ropes, bungie or cable ties. We can also supply external graded lighting systems too if your application calls for it, always nice to see what is going on if it's the dead of night. As with all out truss ranges we can design and build to your required dimensions, we are even able to make custom lengths or junctions if your application has the need. Always consider the maximum section length that you can fit into your vehicle and how many people you have on site to assemble the system. We can offer steel base weights which are pretty heavy in them selves or also enable you to load with additional weighting if your application and structures so requires. With some open venues known for gusting winds and uneven ground we would suggest you also fix on guy lines, fixed to weights or staked deep into the ground. Depending on the area used to start and finish your event it may also be prudent to cordon off the area around the truss keeping the public access to it, in these days of health and safety it is better safe than sorry.
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