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Rotating display

Rotating display

If you are looking to make your own revolving display or sign we have a range of turntable drive units that can be used for a whole range of applications and requirements, internal and external. It is also important to order the correct turntable drive, factors to consider are the weight of the display being paced upon the motor drive, the size of the finished display, its height, width and depth. You must place the object centrally, if the load is not spread and balanced the unit will not revolve or could wear out the bearings. We do not offer direct drive motors, health and safety requirements mean all out display drives are fitted we slipping clutches. The revolving display in movie below was a TTC 500, we made this sign, it was 800mm sq with an open top as this was going up on a trussing system well above head height so as to be seen from far off across the exhibition hall. The TTC range of turntables come with slip rings, this allows you to make an illuminated display too, a light box can be very eye catching, a great sales and promotional tool. IMG_0324  
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