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Rotating displays

Rotating displays

There are few things more eye catch at exhibitions and trade shows than moving displays or objects.

The image above shows a display cube approx 700mm x 700mm  which was made for the AA signs organisation.

We used a TTC500 as the drive motor, this then had the display and a fixing plate fitted to it, in turn it was clamped to the trussing.

There were lights then placed out further along the truss beam to illuminate the rotating display.

Along with there iluminated acrylic towers and trussing a center piece was requested.

We suggested a rotating display to sit up upon the trussing mid beam at 3.5m high.

From all over the hall at Olympia you could pick out the AA exhibition floor area.

When your investing a lot of money in either sales or promotion at an event you really do want to be seen and get that foot fall up.

Why not consider a rotating display stand of some kind for your next exhibition or promotional event.

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