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Shop display lighting

Shop display lighting

Are you looking for shop or retail display lighting.

These units were custom made to a specific kelvin ratio to create the warm colour light output that was required for a very well know clothes store.

Led lights can be limiting in the colour light output choice available, often a fair bit too warm or cold for a specific retail or display need.

So how do we correct this, well there are gels that fit into the filter Housing that come with these Par can lights but they will be very visible and change the aesthetics of any light.

For some applications thats ok, but if your after a prestige lighting display we can supply a colour corrected Led diode for a quantity of these retail display lights.

Better to get the correct colour diode in the first instance, built into the lighting fixture, after all these lights will be illuminating your retail shop or showroom for many years.

The correct lighting makes all the difference in a retail store, warm bright and welcoming or dark, dim and depressing, which will bring the customers in, I wonder.

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