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Solar energy exhibition, Lighting truss hire.

Solar energy exhibition, Lighting truss hire.

For the third year running Sibert hired a lighting truss system with halogen lighting for this years Solar energy event which was held at the NEC in October. Now with three trades shows under there belt Sibert are very confident in the use of our Trio trilte gantry and the design has developed too. The original requirement was to not only enable a method of lighting the floor area but also support the large display boards they had which are fitted with there modular control devices. With our trussing it is possible to clamp in single support poles if required which are a lot cheaper than an actual truss leg, the rental cost is always kept keen by us. The securing of display boards back to the drop poles can be done in a manner of ways, velcro, clamps or cable ties through fixing eyes on the back of the panels. A very clever finishing touch that Sibert added to there back wall of display boards was some loverly chrome feet, converted shelving brackets. If you are considering hire of a trilite gantry system and would like to get some further information or a quote please do contact us, we are only too willing to help and show you the abilites and benefits of a fully modular trussing system.
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