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Gantry and truss displays for showrooms

Gantry and truss displays for showrooms

Company show rooms and receptions, large or small all need a focal point, an area that shows your visitors what your company is about, what products you make, and the services you can provide. First impressions still count for a huge amount, if your show room or reception is a little down in the dumps a refresh could well be in order. Show rooms can cost a considerable sum and some can be rarely visited, but what if you also attend a trade show a few times a year, now that investment can be better justified. May be you could make use of the same display system for both purposes, if it was modular you could even have two designs possible from the same components. For the prestige that a show room or reception requires your choices are truss displays or aluminum profile cut and assembled in a myriad of eye catching structures. These aluminum structures are then complimented with graphic panels and lighting to give you the finished display, and achieved in a matter of weeks from concept to supply. If you are able to provide us with a brief of your requirements, dimensions for the area, even a rough sketch we can draw up a scale representation. Once the bespoke design is agreed we can then get into production, many components are standard though so supply times can be swift if required. If you are looking to just use the display in a show room or reception and would prefer us to install the kit we can help you out with this too, buy all our systems are design to be assembled with ease and give many years of trouble free service, truss systems in particular are made to last. The finished truss display provided for IPS Ltd.
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