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Twist banner stand

Twist banner stand

The twist banner stand is highly adaptable and the market leader when it comes to built in adaptability a compact portability. Every system is supplied in a wheeled transit case which gives superb protection for your exhibition stand and an easy method of transportation from vehicle to venue for set up on location. If you wish to place two transit cases back to back we can also wrap these with your branding to act as a plinth or podium on your exhibition stand. The twist banner stand is a very simple system to use considering is specialist capabilities, this is all thanks to very well thought out design. A simple staged pole system allows 2 height variations, 2m and 2250mm, locks into a sturdy base plate plate, headers bars have a spring loaded tension rod to keep torsion and the graphic straight and flat always looking its best. Lights come in the form of 50w low voltage units and lock into the top of the pole with a cable going down the pole, there is also an option for an LED light unit too as an upgrade. It greatest feature in my mind is the ability to use the system on an arc or bend to curve it around in an eye catching shape, on top of this it can be double sided, graphics to both front and back. The flexi link unit is bay far the most popular but we can also offer a media version bringing visual movement and sound into the equation, a true point of sale display opportunity. Standard graphic widths are 700mm, 800mm, 900mm and 1m with the flexi panel being 550mm wide. The 26" LCD best suits AV applications with the twist banner stand system. If you are wishing to display a few small products in front of your background graphic this can be done too with a simple shelf unit, you can fit three to the twist banner stand, they can hold 2 kilos. If you are looking for a work surface area to display products or make a presentation from we can attach a counter unit to the display and of course with comes the plus of a storage area to keep literature, products or free bees for handing out at any promotional event or trade show.  
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