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Lighting Truss (For 3m x 3m or 4m x 4m floor area - Build 10)

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Illuminate Your Space with Lighting Truss (For 3m x 3m or 4m x 4m Floor Area)

(Build 10) - Lighting Truss System, Square Format, Rectangular Overhead Banner Display, Split 2 Stage Legs for Easier Assembly.

This lighting truss build is tailor-made for a 3m x 3m or 4m x 4m floor area, with a soaring height of approximately 3.4 meters. While the blueprint showcases this basic 3x3-meter design, our System 35 exhibition gantry opens up a world of possibilities for versatile exhibition stand configurations.

The System 35 Exhibition Gantry provides structural definition to your display stand and offers a clear canvas for mounting various advertising banners. Choose from multiple options, including fabric, PVC banners, front-lit, or backlit displays. Our truss system is designed to perfectly accommodate vibrant display lighting while providing a tidy solution for cable management.

The triangular construction adds visual appeal and ensures efficient storage when not in use. It's essential to note that the maximum permissible exhibition stand height without requiring building regulation engineer reports is 4 meters. Our System 35 Lighting Truss holds TUV certification, a globally recognized standard, ensuring structural integrity and safety.

Constructed with conicals, tapered pins, and safety clips, the S35 Conical system enables rapid exhibition stand assembly without deflection and boasts a high-weight loading capacity. Beyond functionality, our truss stands out for its aesthetic appeal.

Built to withstand the test of time, the System 35 truss is a sound investment for your exhibition stand needs. At Coker Expo, we maintain an extensive inventory of gantry parts and accessories, allowing you to unleash your creativity. Additionally, we offer a plug-and-play daisy chain exhibition lighting solution and various enhancements to elevate your display.

Ready to explore the endless possibilities? Contact Coker Expo today at 01256 768178 to discuss your unique exhibition stand requirements and learn more about our exceptional truss solutions.


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