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Overhead hanging stretch fabric displays, supply and print

Flying Top Hanging Signs

Suspended aerial banner frames above exhibition stands


Flying display banner frames are powerful magnets to your stand (suspended from the ceiling). Suspended aerial banner displays can be seen from way off across an exhibition hall or large trade show venue. Get your brand noticed at every event with an over head hanging display frame.

We offer 4 basic aerial hanging display designs, Square, Rectangle, Eye Circle and a Tapered Circle but we can make any shape you need with our custom service.

What a great way to be seen you could add lights and or a hanging turntable from our range for a rotating spectacular depending on the size of the structure and the siting of fixing beams at the venue.

Price show is for a 1.5 Meter diameter x 800mm high aluminium framed hanging display frame (round) complete with the tailored stretch fit graphic which will be secured with a zip to give the correct tension to the graphic. Circular displays can be made up to 6 Metres in diameter.

This type of display can be fitted on top of a gantry stand or similar structure that can provide support strength, but is designed to be suspended from a ceiling beam on cables at your show.

Please watch the video on this page to fully understand the system.

Our normal service time is 5 days for this product, but please ask as service times vary through out the year.

For more info on custom size suspended aerial signs call Coker Expo 01256 7618178

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