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Lighting Truss - R2 (For Race Start/Finish Lines)

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Kickstart Your Race with Our System 35 Lighting Truss

R2 Race Start/Finish Line: Customisable Widths, Ideal for Various Racing Events

Get your race event off to a spectacular start with our R2 System 35 Lighting Truss Race Start Line. This innovative structure, adaptable in width and ideal for various racing events, adds a professional touch to your race start or finish line. This structure measures 5m W x 2.5m D x 3.7m H.

The design incorporates side fences for added flair and media banner support, ensuring your event captures attention and stays in participants' and spectators' memories. With safety at the forefront, our truss system includes clamp-in support poles for banners or signboards and requires secure grounding measures.

Key Features:

  • Customisable Design: Tailor the start/finish line to various widths, ensuring a perfect fit for your race event, whether it's a marathon, car race, or cycling event.
  • Safety Measures: For peace of mind and participant safety, the structure requires appropriate weighting down, staking, and secure grounding, adhering to safety standards.
  • Flexible Usage Options: Available for both hire and purchase, this truss system adapts to your needs, whether you're organising a one-off event or need a long-term solution.

Our R2 Race Start Line is more than just a functional piece; it's a statement, setting the tone for your event right from the start. Its professional look and customisable features enhance the overall experience for participants and spectators alike.

At Coker Expo, we support you in creating memorable, smooth-running events. Our products are designed with safety, style, and convenience in mind, ensuring your race event is a resounding success. For more details, banner quotations, or to discuss specific requirements, please contact us at 01256 768178.

Invest in an experience, not just an event, with our R2 Race Start Line. Ensure your race event is memorable, enjoyable, and professional from start to finish with the Coker Expo.


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