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Mains Powered Display Turntable With Slip Rings (TTCSW2000SR) 200kg Load Capacity

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Key Features of the TTCSW2000SR

The TTCSW2000SR is a premium mains-powered display turntable with power rings that can handle up to 4 amps. This feature-rich unit is designed to support and rotate substantial items weighing up to 200kg, making it an indispensable tool for businesses showcasing larger products or displays in exhibitions, showrooms, and retail spaces.

Specifications and Details

Dimensions and Rotation:

The TTCSW2000SR has a sturdy 400mm steel base and a 110 mm high turn plate. Its standard rotation speed is 2.5 rpm (other speeds are available), ensuring your products or displays are always in motion and captivating the audience. The unit weighs 17kg, reflecting its robust build and durability.

Power and Load Capacity:

Operating on mains power, the TTCSW2000SR guarantees a steady and reliable performance. It's designed to carry a flat concentric load of up to 200kg. The turntable is also equipped with slip rings, allowing for power output for the display item, ready for direct display fitting or paired with your own deck.

Important Considerations for Optimal Use

The TTCSW2000SR is built for heavy-duty applications, but it's crucial to ensure that the items placed on it are balanced to guarantee optimal performance and longevity of the motor. While the turntable offers various speed variance options and silent models, it's essential to note that speed regulatory devices cannot be used on silent models.

Delivery Timeline for "Custom" Variant Turntables (10 Days):

To ensure that each turntable meets your specific requirements, we'll need extra time to tailor the turntables to your specifications. After receiving your order, our team will promptly contact you to discuss your custom specifications and confirm the delivery timeline. Customisations usually add 10 days to an order.

Expert Advice and Support

At Coker Exhibition Systems, we pride ourselves on offering expert advice. If you have any queries about the TTCSW2000SR or need guidance on the best turntable for your heavy-duty display needs, please call us on 01256 768178. Our team is always here to help you get the most out of your display solutions.


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