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Display turntables can uplift your exhibition stand

Display turntables can uplift your exhibition stand

Rotating display turntables are available in all shapes and sizes whether it is for indoor or outdoor use and can significantly enhance your exposure.

What are the weight limits for display turntables?

The weight loads that a turntable can take varies hugely from a few grams up to heavy duty turntables that can take very large weights such as cars and heavy trucks. This weight factor can be easily decided at the planning stage as the choice of turntables is wide ranging.

What power is required for display turntables?

A battery-operated turntable will work for modest display loads where flexibility is needed in the design of the stand or where mains power circuits are not readily accessible. Typically, they are used in shop windows and trade shows.

A mains operated turntable is a better choice where long-term operation and performance are important factors. They are certainly recommended when considering a display stand with a heavier loading. They will be more economic to run when comparing the cost of mains electricity over the cost of batteries and the time/ cost of continuously recharging or replacing batteries.

The power requirements should be covered in early planning so that is ample time to consult the exhibition organisers.

How do display turntables make your exhibition stand more interesting?

Rotating displays is very eye catching and can attract visitors to your exhibition stand. You only have the briefest moment to catch someone’s attention so you need something that will make you stand out A rotating turntable can be ideal for this purpose.

Good use of display turntables will attract visitors to your stand.

Turntable units can be customised to suit the job you want them to do and will help to attract visitors. For example, you could use stop / start motion or alternate the speed to suit your design. You will need to decide these ideas at the planning stage so that the turntables can be factored in.

Use turntables with lighting to entice visitors?

Turntables and lighting are a great compliment to each other. Having light that move and can highlight different part of the display stand can help to draw the attention of the visitor to specific areas of your display stand.

Turntables units with lighting can easily be added to display stand structures but take advice at an early stage on the best turntables for the job in hand and the lighting system that will fit within your budget.

Why not get in touch with us at Coker Expo and have a chat about the design of your display stand and decide how turntables could help.

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