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How to make a success of your exhibition stand

How to make a success of your exhibition stand

What are you trying to achieve with your exhibition stand

Before creating a design, you should be clear about what you are trying to achieve.

If you are trying to raise the awareness and sales of your existing brand or product, then the stand needs to demonstrate clearly what your brand represents. Alternatively, if you are launching a new product or service, the stand will need to emphasise all the benefits of the new product or service.

Getting the objectives clear at the start will help with the setting of goals. For example, if the Exhibition stand is about a new service and aims to get sign-ups, a target must be set on how many sign-ups are required for the stand to succeed.

Another significant benefit is that everyone in your team on the stand will understand what is expected of them.

What you must communicate to your visitors?

The exhibition stand must communicate clearly to the exhibition visitors a certain amount of basic information if you are to attract their attention.

What is your business name and logo is the essence of your identity?What do you do?What benefit might you give them?Why should they visit your stand?

The tricky part is communicating the above but only using short sentences or keywords.

It's a real skill and needs plenty of planning.

Good exhibition stand planning and design is crucial

Once you are clear about the objectives you are trying to achieve and the messaging you want to include, you need a good design for your stand. There are many aspects to good exhibition stand design, so let's look at a few of them:

Stand Space- Your budget will partly determine this, but you must consider how to achieve your objectives. Ask yourself questions about your need for display space, meeting space, storage space and reception counters. How much of each will you need? At this stage, you should also decide the stand you want to use since there are many variants of exhibition stands.

Location- The location of your exhibition will be a significant factor in the volume of passing traffic and the number of visitors you are likely to have.

Lighting- The lighting on your stand is critical in whether you will catch visitors' attention. The choice of lighting systems is extensive, including lighting systems that will allow you to have a moving / changing light position.

Other visuals- The decision on colours, fonts, background designs, flooring and many other matters must be factored into your design.

Get help with your exhibition stand.

It is essential to spend your money on an exhibition stand wisely. Why not talk to the experts before making your decisions? At Coker Expo, we are always willing to give a helping hand, so get in touch.

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