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Exhibition backdrop

Exhibition backdrop

If you are looking for a simple solution for an exhibition backdrop or a back wall for a presentation or event the choices go wider than a standard pop up display stand.

There are other options out there just as modular so that they can be adapted to suit other floor sizes and equally suited to the smaller exhibition floor area.

Consider a lighting truss system, our spigot and pin connection system means its quick and easy to put together and you have a choice of Trio or Quad truss.

How about an aluminium profile system, a range of components that lock together with either a cam fitting or an allen key bolt.

The tension fabric display systems are getting more and more popular as there are no large graphic panels to ship about, fabric can be stored on a roll with ease.

Then there are the aluminium modular display stands that use a modular frame work that bolts together, again graphics can be printed to either Pvc banner,  solid boards or rollable stoplight media.

We are able to offer a huge range of display designs in each display system and all can be altered to create a custom exhibition stand to give you a custom exhibition backdrop.

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